Sefes Mobilya

We are a family run business!

Sefes Mobilya

SEFES = Seyit + Efe + Semiha, that means our company name and brand is an abbreviation of the names of our 3 children. Today with about 50 employeesour family hasgrown larger. We are a family, that is why we name our products after the names of our employees' wives and children: Zeynep, Yasemin, Meral, Sinem, Sultan and many more....

How did we start ? We founded our company in 1997 for the sale of the Turkish hand-made rugs and kilims which we had acquired for many years and until 2002 we dealt with exporting them. In 2003 we started producing chairs and in 2004 we adopted metal and upholstered beds in our product range. Today our product ranges reaches frommetal and wood chairs to metal and upholstered beds as well as custom-made and custom-sized products for the special needs of our customers.

Our production plant is located in the Mobilyakent (Furniture Based Production Area of Kayseri) and consists of 3800 square meters.

We have one retail sale shop in Kayseri.

Sefes is proud to be a partner for custom-made decoration needs. Many cafe, restaurants and hotels have chosen our products. Due to the agreements we have made with our customers, we cannot share the visuals of the products we produce for them.

Sefes MobilyaEvery company has a vision, ours is to count at least one Sefes chair in every household or to have our customers to lay in comfort in a Sefes bed !

Our main export markets are the Europan countries, North Africa, Middle East and the Turkic countries.